April 2010

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If you're just interested in viewing the newest listing in the Omaha metro area, we've created a page just for you.

Our New Listings page contains properties listed in the Omaha area over the past three days.  This page is updated daily - new properties are added and old listings are removed.

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Golfing and boating are two very popular summer activities in the Omaha metro area.

What does this have to do with real estate?  Well, some people love these activities so much that they choose to live in a golf course or waterfront property.

Finding one of these properties can be a difficult task.  Not any more.

We've just introduced two specific pages on our website that list these properties.  Here are the links...
Golf Course Listings
Waterfront Listings

Each page has a list of all the golf course properties and all the waterfront properties in the Omaha metro area.  If you have a specific price in mind, you can quickly narrow the search to a specific price range.

We already have a page on our website for condos in Omaha, and specific areas (Dundee, District…
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