June 2010

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You didn’t get your new home bought before the Federal tax credit expired.  You’re feeling left out and foolish for not taking advantage of this opportunity.  You have never seen a check for $8,000 with your name on it.
Don’t fret.  Step out of the pity-parade and go find your new home.  Why?  Let’s look at the facts.
The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) recently estimated that April sales surged 7.6%.  This is in direct correlation to the tax credit expiration.  If you remember Macroeconomics – as demand for a product increases, so do prices.  Did your friends pay too much for a home so they could get the $8,000 credit?  Bloomberg actually estimated a 27% surge caused by the tax credit.  Ask yourself, if there was a 27% increase in buyer activity,

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