Dad Day is Coming -- What Are the Gifts That Will Make Him Smile?

Posted by on Tuesday, May 24th, 2016 at 5:45pm.

Tie racks, you've had your day. 

It's time to clear out all preconceptions of the perfect Father's Day gift and start out with a clean slate. Why not? After all, this is the guy who taught you how to fix lawnmowers, taught you everything you know about Nebraska football and made sure your boyfriend knew who was boss while you were in high school. 

Twenty years ago, finding dad a gift was pretty much a simple affair. Head to his favorite store, pick up a wallet or a watch and then your done. Every once in a while you might've mixed it up with a pair of tickets to a football game or a bottle of cologne. But let's face it; dad's are usually men of singular taste. What works once often works many times over. 

But let's mix things up a bit. We know nothing says, "I love you dad" like a bottle of Old Spice or that Nautica wallet/tie combo at Marshall's. Think outside the box, though; or in the case of our first gift suggestions, think inside the box. 

Bespoke Post Box

Bespoke Post is one of the many subscription services to have popped up in the past few years, along with fashion-center Five Four Club and wine-wonderful Club W. There are many others, but for us, Bespoke tops them all when it comes to Father's Day. 

This subscription services focuses their boxes (all shipments come in a handsome Bespoke box) on collections of items which speak to men. For instance, earlier this year they had a box called "Homefront" which contained a Zippo lighter, walnut-handle folding knife and an Army-style razor blade. 

Now, unfortunately, their Homefront box is sold out. However, there's a wide variety of boxes you can choose from. If you sign up for the monthly subscription, you pay $45 per month for a box. If you don't sign up for the subscription, you'll pay $55 for a one-off box.

Some of our favorites available for purchase right now are the Refresh shaving kit, the Frontier (soft-cover journal, pocket knife, fountain pen with refills, steel bottle opener) and Dram, an old school whiskey kit with glasses, a bottle of mixer, ice trays and a guide to whiskey.

Samsung Gear or Carl Zeiss VR

Whether you're a techie who lives for CES or you're just the average person who likes a few rounds of Halo, you've probably heard and loved the new virtual reality trend. Leading the way in this new revolution of entertainment is Samsung, whose Gear VR is an affordable entry into a quickly growing segment of the tech world. 

With this headset, you can play games, use apps and walk around in a virtual world without ever having to leave your home. Gear VR had a rough beginning, but the current version of it is gaining strong reviews from sites like CNET. You can snag a Gear VR on Amazon for $98.90

However, this gift comes with one major flaw -- it only works with certain Samsung phones. If your dad is rocking an iPhone, try the Carl Zeiss VR. It earned high praise from - "Carl Zeiss's experience in making lenses puts it high on our list." The Zeiss can also be picked up on Amazon for $125.40

Herschel Retreat Backpack

Dad's aren't known for their style; they've got other things on their mind. But every had has stuff, and if they hit the road for vacation or a work trip, the Herschel Retreat is the perfect receptacle for their man things. Not only are they made in the U.S. and sturdy, but they also add a touch of style that pops wouldn't get from a ripped up old Jansport.

Now, unlike Jansport bags, you aren't going to be able to get a the Retreat for less than $50; $79.99 from the Herschel site, actually. 

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