Omaha Kids Going Back to School

Posted by Ryan Renner - A on Monday, August 26th, 2013 at 1:24pm.

The relaxed days of summer are coming to an end and kids are already heading back to school. While the summer days are more flexible, school comes with alarm clocks and deadlines. The transition between summer vacation and going back to school full time can be hectic and stressful for both parents and children but here are some tips to help tame the burden and get kids off to school on the right foot.

If going back to school means having to get out of bed earlier than your kids have become accustom to, make sure that first “crack of dawn” wakeup call isn’t coming on the very first day of school. Both big and little kids need a specific sleep schedule in order to get enough rest. You can start easing in to the new bedtimes and wake up times at least one week before school starts.

Breakfast is so important that many schools have implemented a free breakfast program that is open to all students. However, the school food is no substitute for the healthy breakfasts you could be making at home. If you need to save time, have easy to make or easy to prepare breakfast foods on hand. If you’ll be having breakfast as a family, at the dining room table, you can save time by setting out the dishes the night before.

Keeping Track of It All

School brings with it lots of meetings, clubs and after school activities. Especially if you have more than one child, these activity calendars can get confusing fast. Have a central calendar with all the important dates for each family member in one easy to see location. This could be a paper calendar on the wall or an online calendar like Google Calendar. You can color code each person’s schedule and add notes like who’s dropping off and picking up for a certain activity.

Help ease kids into the start of a new school year by setting up your new routines and practicing them in advance. Have a safe and fun new school year!

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