What's Brewing at Crescent Moon This Summer?

Posted by Ryan Renner - A on Friday, April 17th, 2015 at 10:03am.

In case you haven't heard, Omaha's very own Crescent Moon is one of the top beer bars in the country. At least that's what Draft Magazine thinks... and they should know. Every year they draft what's considered the authoritative guide to the 100 best alehouses in the country, and for 4 years in a row Crescent Moon has made the list.

Crescent Moon's Claim to Greatness

And with beers on tap with names like "Renegade Brewing Hiatus Cold Coffee Infuses Oatmeal Stout" and "Brau Brothers Moo Joos Oatmeal Milk Stout", how could this not be an award-winning beer bar? Located at the intersection of 36th and Farnam Streets, Crescent Moon dubs itself as Omaha's Original Alehouse.  In a city known for its rich history of brewing beer, that's quite a claim.  After all, this is a town where craft beer fans have several clubs to choose from should they want to join a like-minded group for local tastings and even "beercations" to breweries in other cities. It's also a town where the historical society is as likely to hold a talk on the history of beer in Omaha  as anything else. But Crescent Moon Alehouse offers its patrons more than just 60+ beers on tap, with new ones entering the rotation every month.  They offer a "bottle list" too, as long as you'd ever care to read at one sitting. They also offer community... beer clubs meet here to be the first to tap a new keg, for example.  On Sundays they'll offer Coffee Beers, and participate in Second Sundays, which is when a network of Omaha businesses offer tours, classes, and more specials, all between 12 and 4pm. And finally, they offer great summer events.  This summer, join Crescent Moon Alehouse for the following special weekends...


On June 13th, Crescent Moon will host Polishfest, along with sister bar Huber-Haus German Bier Hall, located on the same premises.  The Bier Hall has an outdoor beer garden, which makes the perfect venue for the Polish festivities to begin.  To go with at least 7 Polish beers on tap, they'll be serving Polish sausage, Glombki, and Perogies.

Omaha Brewers Barbeque

In addition to serving BBQ, Crescent moon will also host live music in this celebration of Omaha area breweries.  At least seven local breweries will participate- the event takes place July 11th.  Admission is free. Special events aren't the only time to check out Crescent Moon Alehouse this summer- head over any time and see what's on tap- you're sure to enjoy this local treasure we're proud to have right here in Omaha.

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