Sold Homes in Dundee

Please Note: The homes below are not actively for sale. This is a list of homes that have sold in the area in the past two years. For a list of homes actively for sale in this area, please click on the link below.

Dundee Market Stats

In 2022, there were 67 homes sold in Dundee. The average price of those sales was $382,000. The highest-priced home to sell was $975,000, while the lowest-priced home sold for $165,000.

If you go back to 2021, there were 83 sales. The average sales price was $354,000, with the highest-priced home selling for $1,000,000 and the lowest-priced home selling for $95,000.

Current homes for sale in Dundee

Dundee SOLD Real Estate Listings

Dundee SOLD Real Estate Listings

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