"We buy homes for cash"— Real or a Scam

That house has been a thorn in your side for far too long. It’s time to sell it quickly and without any fuss or gimmicks.

You see signs around town claiming that they can buy your house for cash, but are they legitimate?

When you need to be free from a house under your ownership, selling your house for cash in Omaha can be the easiest and fastest way to solve your problem. It frees up the cash that's normally tied to your home so you can take care of business.

In a standard sale, you'd have to get a long-term home equity loan to access the wealth in your real estate, but selling your house enables you to access your wealth quickly.

But are there risks that come with the fast cash? What’s the catch?

The Risks:

  • Getting cheated. You may encounter a scam buyer who can con you out of money that you deserve.
  • Not really getting "rid" of your home. You can get tricked into paying for your home's mortgage but get the deed signed over to another person's name.

Yikes. These sounds pretty bad. However, you can avoid getting scammed by doing your homework. There are many reputable companies that buy homes in Omaha and give the seller a fair deal. Here are the rewards when things go right.

The Rewards:

  • Avoiding big costs. Selling off-market to a cash buyer means that you sell your property as-is without repairs. You also avoid paying realtor commissions.
  • Freedom. You release ties to a property that can depreciate over time. This means freedom from:
    • Paying off the rest of your mortgage.
    • Future repair costs.
    • Being locked down to one location.
    • The responsibility of taking care of an inherited property.
    • Owning a home with unpleasant memories tied to it.
  • Accessible Money. You get a lump sum of cash instead of having your wealth locked away in the house. You don't have to go through hoops to access it either.
  • The price is right. When a reputable source buys your property, you get a fair deal for the selling price—not too low, but not unrealistically high either.
  • More free time. There's no need to repair your house; sell it as-is.
  • A quick sale. Not everyone has time to repair their home, stage it, list it, and then endure showing after showing. Selling for cash is a quick solution for homeowners who don't have time to renovate.

How do I know if it’s a buy homes for cash scam?

  • It's too good to be true. An offer price that's very high will most likely fall when it's time to close, especially when there are many repairs to be made.
  • They ask you to transfer the deed into their name. Just because you transfer the deed, it doesn't mean that you're no longer responsible for the home. The mortgage will still be in your name, which means you still need to pay off the loan..
  • You’re dealing with wholesalers. These buyers will get your house under contract with no intent on actually closing the deal. If a wholesaler can't find someone to assign the contract to, they may just cancel it. This is a big waste of time.
  • The seller doesn't show proof of funds. If you're being offered cash, you have a right to ask for proof of funds like a bank statement.
  • They ask for money upfront. The Federal Trade Commission specifically prohibits through MARS, the Mortgage Assistance Relief Services rule, that companies can't take any fees until you have received and accepted an offer.
  • Their reputation is hazy. When you do your homework, you find dubious information or non-favorable reports. Such as:
    • They aren't registered with the BBB.
    • Their website is vague, without a real company name or association.
    • Googling the owner brings up shady reports.

Let’s cut to the chase. I know good people.

There are many reliable companies and investors out there. Buyers who have the cash, who offer no-strings-attached estimates that are backed by a free market analysis. I know them. With my vetted contacts, you can be at ease. It doesn't involve any commitment to sign up and check to see what your home would be worth if you sold it for cash as-is, either.

I Guarantee:

  • Professionalism & transparency. From the free market analysis to the closing table, you'll be in the know and aware of what's going on every step of the way.
  • Vetted connections: My people will pass background checks and be productive and credible professionals in the home buying industry. They stand by their reputation, and my reputation depends on them as well.
  • You'll understand the contract. Everything on paper is going to be understood by both parties and agreed upon. There's no bait and switch here!

Sell Your Home For Cash in Omaha

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