Dunsany Flats Condos for Sale

Dunsany Flats offers a green lifestyle in a historic neighborhood. Located at the corner of 10th and Pierce Streets, this upscale condominium community provides residents with luxury living in the heart of Omaha.

Dunsany Flats Real Estate Listings

Dunsany Flats Real Estate Listings

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About Dunsany Flats

One of the newer condominium developments in Omaha’s vibrant Little Italy neighborhood, Dunsany Flats is conveniently located within walking distance of employment, entertainment, and cultural venues, allowing many residents to dispense with the inconvenience of car ownership. Local attractions include the Lauritzen Gardens and the Henry Doorly Zoo, as well as the nearby Old Market shopping area. Dunsany Flats is environmentally responsible, with energy-efficient windows, high-efficiency heat pumps for each unit, and a unique green roof over the garage; composed of recycled glass, brown gravel, bricks, and drought-resistant plants, the roof offers a splash of color and reduces the building’s heat absorption. Twelve-inch walls provide soundproofing and privacy for these luxury condominiums, and flower boxes grace the windows throughout the development.

Luxurious granite countertops, vintage exposed brick walls, and polished hardwood floors add visual appeal to the sunny open-plan condos, which provide natural light on three sides of each unit. High ceilings and beautifully reclaimed woodwork give the units a uniquely retro appearance. An on-site exercise area and a serene cobblestone courtyard offer additional appeal to these trendy condominium units.  Each unit features a sliding glass wall that leads out onto a sizable private balcony area. Flower boxes are available to bring nature a little closer to home.Residents enjoy the convenience of the on-site exercise center and the serene retreat of the European-style cobblestone courtyard. Prices start at $199,000 for one- and two-bedroom units.

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