Listing Tips

There is a lot of advice out there about getting your home ready for sale. Below, we've highlighted a handful of the most useful bits of advice so that you can get the ball rolling on your home selling experience as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Use this checklist as you prepare to sell your home, and you'll have a definite leg up on the process.


  • Clean Up The Outside - First impressions definitely matter, so begin by making the outside of your home as attractive and appealing as possible. From the curb to the porch – and all around the periphery of your home – repair damaged things, pressure wash pathways and driveways and make sure that your front door looks great.

  • Lose The Clutter - You're going to be moving soon anyway, so pack up unneeded items in order to make your home less cluttered. Without all of the clutter, every room in your home will look larger and more appealing.

  • Light It Up - Dimly lit rooms appear dingy and less clean. Make sure that every room in your home is well-lit and that the fixtures that you use are in excellent repair. Use the highest wattage possible, too, to really make everything stand out in a great way.

  • Organize Everything - Don't assume that prospective buyers won't look inside the closets, cupboards and cabinets of your home – they will. Organize all of them so that every nook and cranny is neat and attractive.

  • Clean And Deodorize - Before showing your home to a single person, clean it like you're expecting royalty to stop by – then clean it a little bit more. From the baseboards to the ceilings, scrub everything down and make it sparkle. Make sure that there are no lingering odors anywhere, since bad smells can seriously compromise the appeal of even the most attractive home.

  • Tidy Up Your Basement And Garage - If you use your garage as a storage area, remedy that situation before showing your home. Take unused items that need to be stored and arrange them in a tidy way down in the basement. Your garage should strictly be used for vehicles and maybe neatly organized tools – nothing more.

  • Paint, Paint, Paint - Nothing improves the appearance of any part of a home quite like a fresh coat of paint. Even the most vigorous cleaning simply won't achieve what a coat of paint will, so don't be afraid to wield a paintbrush as much as possible.

  • Pay Attention To The Details - The small things really do matter, so make sure that all of the light fixtures, door hardware and faucets in your home look great. In many ways, these items act as adornments for your home and can make or break the appearance of any room. Invest in those things, and the improvements will be impressive.

  • Use The Right Flooring - If your flooring is hopelessly outdated, make a point of investing in newer carpeting, wood flooring or tiling. It will make a world of difference in how your home is perceived by prospective buyers.

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