Old Market

The Old Market Historic District in downtown Omaha, Nebraska is the arts and entertainment center of the metropolitan area, with numerous performance venues, clubs, and restaurants to explore. Street performers often gather on the historic brick-paved streets to show off their talents, and the new Holland Performing Arts Center offers residents a world-class concert venue designed to showcase the Omaha Symphony. Horse-drawn carriages and boutique shopping opportunities add to the appeal of this exceptional cultural area.

Old Market

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Considered the cultural heart of Omaha, the Old Market Historic District first gained prominence in the 1880s as an industrial center for the area with numerous wholesale jobbing houses and abundant light industrial and warehouse space. The market also served as a railway distribution center, providing a much-needed source of goods to the expanding western states. Many of the historical buildings of that time still are in use in Old Market, serving as boutiques, warehouses, and entertainment venues. Art galleries and street musicians add to the general bohemian atmosphere in this high-traffic area.

The Holland Performing Arts Center completed construction in 2005 and is the home of the Omaha Symphony; its high-tech design provides excellent acoustics for concerts and live performances. Old Market is also home to the $291 million Qwest Center, which hosts numerous conferences and conventions throughout the year; its 18,300-seat covered arena allows it to accommodate major sporting events and concert performances. Other recent additions to the area include the First National Bank Building, the Gallup Organization’s university campus on the riverfront, and the renovation of the Mayfield Apartments building. Among the historic buildings in this unique district are the Windsor Hotel, built in 1885, the six-story P. E. Iler Block building, originally constructed in 1901, and the two-story McClure-Smith building, built in 1878. Today, most of these buildings have undergone renovations and repurposing for modern shops and galleries, making the Old Market one of Omaha's most vibrant commercial areas. 

Old Market Market Stats

In 2022, there were 0 homes sold in Old Market.

If you go back to 2021, there was 1 sale. The average sales price was $375,000, with the highest-priced home selling for $375,000 and the lowest-priced home selling for $375,000.



Old Market is served by the Omaha Public Schools.

Students usually attend LIberty Elementary SchoolNorris Middle School, and Central High School.

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