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Situated just 8 miles out of Omaha, Offutt Air Force Base is home to the 55th Wind and is a major employer in the local area.

Offutt Area Real Estate Listings

Offutt Area Real Estate Listings

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More about Offutt Air Force Base

The base was originally commissioned as Fort Crook in 1890 and served as a critical Army depot. Due to the base’s location on the Missouri River, it was easy to transport troops as well as supplies to the various Indian conflicts occurring in the west during the late-19th century. In 1948, the base was renamed Offutt Air Force Base when it became the Strategic Air Command headquarters, serving as the center for military deterrence and air control during the era following World War II and during the Cold War. Offutt Air Force Base played a critical role in World War II, as it was home to the L. Martin Bomber plant. The airplanes that were used to deliver the atomic bombs to Hiroshima and Nagasaki were constructed at the plant on Offutt Air Force Base. Surprisingly, many of the elements of the original Army fort are still in use at Offutt Air Force Base today.

Employing more than 15,000 military as well as civilian personnel, Offutt Air Force Base plays an important role in the local economy. Comprising approximately four square miles, Offutt Air Force Base is frequently home to approximately 9,000 people. Today, the base works to support various global missions and plays a crucial role in several core missions.

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