Are Any Homes Selling Below List Price in Omaha? (You May Be Suprised)

Posted by Ryan Renner on Friday, April 2nd, 2021 at 8:27am.

This market is absolutely crazy!

Homes are selling for 20% higher than the asking price.

BUT... is it possible to purchase a home for less than the list price?

In this video, I look at homes that have recently sold in Omaha.

Warning: not all homes in this market are selling for more than their asking price. Don't get me wrong. The majority of homes are selling at or above list price, but that is not the case for all.

In this market, there are a few reasons why a home might sell for less than the list price:

  1. To begin with, it was already overpriced.
  2. It is in bad shape.
  3. The house has a unique quality to it that doesn't appeal to many buyers. 

Don't get discouraged if you're looking to buy a house, but be realistic about the likelihood of a price reduction.



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