May 2015

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Six local value-focused supermarkets are about to class themselves up.

This summer, Michigan grocery store company SpartanNash will convert four No Frill stores and Two Bag 'N Saves into Family Fare, a store chain with a more upscale feel. 

"The transformation to the Family Fare brand includes sushi bars, Starbucks kiosks, dedicated organic and natural foods sections, expanded deli counters with panini bars, wider craft beer selections and a store loyalty program," Omaha World-Herald reporter Barbara Soderlin reported early this morning. 

SpartanNash's Omaha Vice President Mark Griffin said the Family Fare stores (a popular chain in Michigan) are smaller and more neighborhood-focused. 

"It's intended to be the friendly, service-oriented

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This weekend's Berkshire-Hathaway shareholder's meeting will attract thousands of people to Omaha, but their interests won't solely be focused on what's happening at CenturyLink Center.

Hundreds of visitors will pay homage to investment wizard Warren Buffett by traveling to the billionaire's Omaha home.

We're just warning you – you're going to be surprised the first time you see Warren Buffett's house. You're aren't going to believe your eyes. It's that different.



What you may not know is that, of all the mansionish sprawl which encapsulates the homes of America's most famous businessmen, Warren Buffett has managed to remain untouched and unspoiled by the pressure to express wealth through gaudy properties as big as

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