October 2015

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This week's post comes courtesy of Ashly Neneman and Annie Forsyth at Sun Valley Landscaping on Harrison St. Enjoy!

Fall  is  often  one  of  the  busiest  times  of  the  year  for  many  homeowners  and   therefore,  lawn  care  is  not  always  a  top  priority.  What  many  homeowners  aren’t   aware  of  is  how  important  this  season  is  for  the  health  of  your  lawn.  The  proactive   steps  you  take  during  the  Fall  will  help  bring  back  a  blossoming  lawn in the spring. 

Ashly Neneman, Business Development Director at Sun Valley

The team at Sun Valley Landscaping has identified the top five to-do list items for all homeowners this October and early November to prepare for the winter season: 


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This weekend TEDx is coming to Omaha this weekend. The topic? Conflict. 

If the subject matter of this one-day conference interests you, you aren't alone. The moment we saw the conference, it intrigued us. But before we get to the conference details, we're going to give you quick explanation about what TED talks are all about. 

What is TED? 

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) started in 1984 as a way to discuss the intersection of technology, entertainment and design. Over the years, the lecture series has become insanely popular and has featured some of the world's foremost thinkers, entrepreneurs, scientists and businesspeople. 

TED holds a regional conferences every year (North American included), as well as regional, independently

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