Nebraska Homestead Exemption

Posted by Ryan Renner - A on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021 at 11:40am.

Living in Nebraska has its own perks, specifically perks related to taxes and homeownership. Homestead exemptions this year for many Nebraskans are particularly generous, with a few new requirements, of course. There are actually different tiers for different homeowners in this state, and each tier has its own requirements. However, most people qualify as long as they are homeowners from Jan. 1st, 2020 through Aug. 31st, 2020. Here's a little extra breakdown of those tiers.

People Over 65

Retirees often have a difficult time keeping their homes because property taxes tax their tight incomes. The Homestead exemption program reduces property taxes if you are age 65 and older. If you or your parents qualify based on homeownership, income, and age, you/they should apply.

Veterans and Military Personnel and Their Families

This category breaks down into three separate qualifying categories; veterans who are disabled from situations outside of military service, veterans who are disabled from service, and surviving spouses of deceased military members. That's good news for many of the veterans living in Nebraska who need help keeping a roof over their heads.

Non-Military, Non-Veteran Persons With Disabilities

As long as the homeowner listed on the mortgage or property tax bill is the person that has the disability, the Homestead exemption can be claimed. This remains the same even if the disabled homeowner lives with others that do not have a disability but contribute to monthly expenses. If the disabled person is ex-military or a veteran, you have to file a different form to claim the same exemption.

Special Exemptions for Sarpy County and Dodge County

There are additional requirements and exemption benefits for people living in Sarpy and Dodge counties. It is important to read over all of the requirements for your particular tier that qualifies you to take the exemption. Otherwise granting you the exemption could be delayed.
Visit our page on Nebraska Homestead Exemption information to find out how to apply.

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