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Heating a home with space heaters can be tempting, especially in states like Nebraska which can have brutally cold winters. There are many dangers, however, associated with using these types of devices. According to the National Fire Protection Association one third of all heating related home fires are caused by problems with space heaters.

Why Space Heaters Are Dangerous

Fire is the most obvious danger when using a space heater, but there are other potential problems associated with heaters. Direct contact with a heater can cause burns and even shock. Using extension cords or plugging the heater into the same outlet as other appliances can increase the chance of the plug becoming overheated. Sometimes space heaters release carbon monoxide, which

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There are only seven shopping days until Christmas. If you want to get all your shopping done in one place and save some money, check out the new Nebraska Crossing Outlets.

Everyone is always looking for a great bargain while shopping for necessities and a large outlet shopping mall with a wide range of stores is the perfect place to find one. At Nebraska Crossing near Gretna, you will find an assortment of fantastic national and local stores including Coach where there are discounted designer shoes and handbags. Women can find an assortment of low priced seasonal or classic clothing at the Ann Taylor Factory Store. Shoppers seeking athletic wear such as shorts, pants and tops for the entire family can find quality bargains at the Adidas Factory Outlet

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The Barker Building was built in 1929 by sons of Omaha minister Joseph Barker, who sought to honor their father by naming the seven-story office building after him. Located in the heart of downtown Omaha at 15th and Farnam, the striking building is considered to be an example of the Neo-Gothic Revival style. Although it's been on the National Register of Historic Places for a while, the Barker Building sat vacant for more than a decade until it was recently renovated into apartments by Dicon Corp. and Shamrock Development.

The 48 apartments in the Barker Building were constructed with spacious, open floor plans and modern amenities. Both one- and two-bedroom units are available, ranging from 750 to 1189 square feet. Many of these apartment homes offer

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It's that time of the year again. We take a look at the most expensive homes sold in the Omaha area over the past 6 months.

The homes in this list are very diverse. The most expensive home was a lakefront home in the West Shores neighborhood in West Omaha. The second home is smack dab in the middle of Omaha in the Fairacres neighborhood. One home was out in Springfield while the other two were in southwest Omaha. One home is on the Shadow Ridge Golf Course and one overlooks Zorinsky Lake.

Here are some of our other posts on the subject.

5 Most Expensive Homes Sold in Omaha During 2012
First Half of 2011
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Without further adieu..


25830 West Dodge Rd
Waterloo, NE 68069

4 Bedroom / 3 Bathroomsthroom
3708 Square Feet

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Have you ever wondered how much luxury homes are selling for in Omaha?  Here is a look at the most expensive homes sold in Omaha during 2012.

The three most expensive homes were located in Linden Estates.  The other two were located in Ambrust Estates and Legacy.


1. 14349 Hamilton St...6BR...10BA...12,894sf...$3,000,000



2. 14348 Hamilton St...5BR...7BA...7,439sf...$1,589,000



3. 13617 Nicholas St...5BR...5BA...7,177sf...$1,400,000



4. 17164 Valley St...6BR...6BA...8,289sf...$1,347,000



5. 3105 S. 174 Cir...4BR...5BA...4,957sf...$1,337,500

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Riding out the housing slide 

"At the height of the Omaha area's home-building frenzy in 2005, more than 650 entities grabbed pieces of the action by launching one or more construction projects.

Six years and a national recession later, the number of businesses or individuals taking out permits to build single-family homes has thinned to about half that number."

Read the full article at the Omaha World-Herald 

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Update - We published a Complete Guide to Renting a Dumpster in Omaha. Please take a look.

Spring cleaning is in full force. Many of you are spending your weekends cleaning up leaves, planting, and mowing. Others are finally getting around to those indoor projects that have been put off.

If you are finally tackling that remodeling job or if you just want to declutter your home, many of you will rent a dumpster to make garbage removal easy. Dumpster rentals are also useful if you are moving.

Below, I've gathered a list of some local dumpster rental companies that will make your life a little easier.

A Quik Dump

Phone: 402-213-8950

ASAP Containers

Phone: 402-598-4400


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Another day, another recognition for Omaha.

Yesterday, Forbes ranked Omaha #1 as "America's Most Affordable Cities".

Key factors were "home affordability and making ends meet".

Add this to some other recognitions Omaha has gotten in the past few weeks and you're left with only one conclusion.  Omaha is a great place to live.

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When preparing to buy or sell a home it is important to distinguish between the big and little problems that exist.   A common misconception in many markets is that waterproofing a basement is considered a “money pit.” Barbara Corcoran, real estate expert on “The Today Show,” was recently asked about wet basements and its impact on the sale of a home.  She responded, “Oh, this one is a money pit big time. It takes a heck of a lot of money to repair.  Big money, $20,000.  You’ve got to excavate around the entire house to fix a leaky basement.  Not a good job.”  (Watch the video at this link:

It is true that wet basements can be a big problem.  Due to the fact that most buyers view

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flooded-basement_300By nature, basements are imperfect concrete structures built in unstable soils of varying density and compaction. For over 100 years troubled homeowners have battled the water trapped in soils surrounding their home from leaking into basement levels through walls, floors and joints.  Basement flooding is very common, especially during rainy seasons or when snow starts to melt.  Omaha residents experienced significant problems early this spring due to just that.  With increased snowmelt and rain, homes and businesses in the area experienced water leaking into their structures.   

The damage in your basement caused by water is obvious.  However, there are many effects that you may or may not see as a result of a damp and wet basement.  The “stack effect”

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